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Joint pain Treatment by Akash Dawakhana

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Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Aching knee joints is a common health disorder globally. The pain in the joints can be attributed to a ton of factors too numerous to count. Some of the most common reasons for knee pain include injury, degeneration, arthritis, infection, dislocated kneecap, osteoarthritis, bursitis, bone chips and tendonitis to name a few.

The severity of knee pain depends on the disorder and environment and may vary from person to person. Some of the common symptoms may include unbearable pain in joints, tenderness, stiffness, locking, and sometimes an effusion.

However, knee pain can also be caused by minor sprain or contusion which may vanish with proper rest and some simple and easy Ayurvedic home remedies providing deep and prompt pain relief.


Turmeric is a widely researched, and commonly used spice in India with amazing antiseptic and healing properties. Called as the 'golden wonder', turmeric can be used to treat numerous ailments, especially inflammation, helping you to recover from joint pains and arthritis.


Ginger is an important herb in Ayurveda for rejuvenation and healing. Best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger can be included in your daily diet. Application of ginger oil as well as drinking ginger tea can also prove effective results.


Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit tern translating to "smell of horse". It is believed that a person who consumes this herbal medicine will gain horse-like strength and vitality. Studies show that the extract of this Ayurvedic herb is an effective anti-inflammatory medicine.

what is Say for joint pain Aakash Dawakhana & Dr. Team

There are many types of massage that can benefit people with knee pain. Massage helps relieve pain in the muscles, relax surrounding the joints, decrease stress, release stiffness and allow for better range of motion and mobility.


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